Tuesday, June 21, 2005


From WND:
The ultra-violent, U.S.-trained elite, Mexican paramilitary commandos known as the "Zetas," responsible for hundreds of murders along the border this year, have expanded their enforcement efforts on behalf of a drug cartel by setting up trafficking routes in six U.S. states.


The original Zetas are former Mexican army commandos, some apparently trained in the U.S. by Army special forces to combat drug gangs. Members of a broader Zetas organization have worked for the Gulf cartel since 2001. They provide firepower, security and the force needed to oversee shipments of narcotics and smuggled aliens along the border and up Interstate 35, which runs through Texas and Oklahoma.

According to FBI officials, the Zetas are attempting to consolidate their grip on the smuggling route along I-35. Anyone caught not paying the 10 percent commission they charge on all cargo – drugs or humans – is killed, according to U.S. and Mexican law enforcement sources.

The Zetas have also brought their cold-blooded killing tactics to the U.S., say federal law enforcement authorities – murdering rival drug dealers and sometimes innocent bystanders.

I guess the control of our border is now completely lost. We have paramilitary units, under the control of drug cartels, operating on both sides of the U.S. / Mexico 'border', killing at will, and enabling large-scale drug smuggling. And no matter how much screaming and yelling us 'citizens' do, our elected leaders choose to do nothing about this situation. Prediction: Within 20 years the borders between Mexico and the US will be completely gone. National pride will be lost. The nation-state system will seem like some relic of history as we all look toward the NWO/UN for help, protection, and 'rights'.