Friday, June 24, 2005


Did you know Russia actively manipulates the weather? Did you know that they have an entire military unit specifically trained in weather modification? Details are emerging that Russian weather modification techniques are more advanced than anyone realized... If they are telling us this much, what aren't they telling us?

From Pravda:
Specialists, who study the influence of changing weather on the natural environment and people's health, have a different attitude to man's interference in the Earth's atmosphere. Moscow authorities often order sunny weather on important days, when the city holds important holidays or international summits. A group of airplanes disperses clouds above Moscow to guarantee sunshine when the black sky is not desirable at all.


The so-called weather unit of the Moscow aviation uses iodic silver, frozen carbon dioxide, cement and liquid nitrogen in its weather activities. Doctor of chemical sciences, Lev Fyodorov, said that the weather-changing group of airplanes was used in Moscow during the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Victory over Nazim on May 9th, and on June 12, Russia's Day.


One may say that the weather in Moscow depends on the financial capacity of a client.