Thursday, June 02, 2005


The Israelis are reeling from the body blow delivered them by President Bush following his meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. In one pronouncement, Bush totally scuttled all the hard-fought, blood-bought gains Israel has made in the three wars forced upon her.


President Bush's astonishing and unexpected statement reversed long standing American policy. In his joint statement with Abbas, he declared that any final status changes in the peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians must be mutually agreed to on the basis of the 1949 armistice lines.

To my horror, this statement is the greatest betrayal of Israel committed by any American president in history.


Imposing the condition of mutual agreement and setting the benchmark at the 1949 armistice lines starts the whole process at the beginning. This in effect gives all of the advantages to the Muslims without even sitting down at the bargaining table.

Waldo Bush is at it again... This is an absolute disaster for the Israeli's. Why do we keep insisting on giving these Palestinian pigs everything they want, while they do nothing to stem the terrorism threat?