Thursday, July 14, 2005


We all know the simple formula... If you give into terror, you get more terror. This is a time honored doctrine that always seems to be forgotten. Now, as Ariel Sharon implements his so called Gaza disengagement plan (read: Kicking Jews off Israeli soil), the Palestinian terror thugs, Hamas, are claiming victory. All their terror has essentially paid off. They are getting Gaza strip. And you watch. You think the terror will end? It will only get worse. Remember Hamas' stated ideological goal: to drive the whole of the Jewish people into the sea and destroy the state of Israel.

From TimesOnline:
Hamas claimed Israel’s pullout from Gaza as a victory for its campaign of violence, even as an escalation in bloodshed destabilised the five-month period of calm.

Uh... by the way: What five month period of calm? The Palestinians have been shooting rockets into Israel with no let up for the past 5 months.... see here, here, here...