Friday, July 15, 2005


I didn't want to cover was a bit too tin-foil hat for my taste. But, now that the media has all but ignored this entire angle of the LONDON TERROR BOMBINGS, I am forced to. Why is the MSM, the blogosphere, and the foreign media completely and utterly ignoring this? Is there something here that is begging to be exposed? If I were Scotland Yard, this is one of the first leads I would be pursuing... I am literally praying that this is all just a bad coincidence...

From article London Underground Bombing 'Exercises' Took Place at Same Time as Real Attack:
A consultancy agency with government and police connections was running an exercise for an unnamed company that revolved around the London Underground being bombed at the exact same times and locations as happened in real life on the morning of July 7th.

On a BBC Radio 5 interview that aired on the evening of the 7th, the host interviewed Peter Power, Managing Director of Visor Consultants, which bills itself as a 'crisis management' advice company, better known to you and I as a PR firm.

Peter Power was a former Scotland Yard official, working at one time with the Anti Terrorist Branch.


The transcript is as follows.

POWER: At half past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing up right now.

HOST: To get this quite straight, you were running an exercise to see how you would cope with this and it happened while you were running the exercise?

POWER: Precisely, and it was about half past nine this morning, we planned this for a company and for obvious reasons I don't want to reveal their name but they're listening and they'll know it. And we had a room full of crisis managers for the first time they'd met and so within five minutes we made a pretty rapid decision that this is the real one and so we went through the correct drills of activating crisis management procedures to jump from slow time to quick time thinking and so on.

Click here for a clip of this dialogue. Click here for a longer clip where the comments can be heard in their full context.


This is precisely what happened on the morning of 9/11/2001. The CIA was conducting drills of flying hijacked planes into the WTC and Pentagon at 8:30 in the morning.

It is clear that at least five if not six training exercises were in operation in the days leading up to and on the morning of 9/11. This meant that NORAD radar screens showed as many as 22 hijacked airliners at the same time. NORAD had been briefed that this was part of the exercise drill and therefore normal reactive procedure was forestalled and delayed.

Please understand... I am not jumping to the same "conspiratorial" theory that Alex Jones does in his commentary on this issue. But, the point is: These are facts. This info is on the record. It is what happened. Why won't the media cover this? Why won't the British government address this?

Auric Goldfinger: "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action."

\UPDATE\: More on this story...
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