Thursday, July 21, 2005


At least these aren't as big... That's the first thought that crossed my mind this morning when I turned on the news to hear that familiar FOX NEWS ALERT sound. These appear to be crude knock-offs of the attacks from 2 weeks ago, but the similarities are stunning: 3 tube trains attaced. 1 double decker bus attacked. Simultaneous explosions. Yeah, this is definitely weird. Looks like they've ruled out a chem/bio attack at this point as well. Dirty bomb? Doubt it. In a weird way, it reminds me of an unannounced drill. A practice run to test police/emergency response. But why would they do this to a city still in shock from the attacks two weeks ago? Copycats? Dry run for another, bigger attack? Perhaps the explosives failed to detonate and only detonators went off?

UPDATE #1 (7/21/05, 12:35pm): Based on an updated report from the BBC, it looks like the cops in Briton are hinting that these devices are similar (if not the same) as the ones used 2 weeks ago. The difference? These failed to detonate. This looks more and more like a planned second wave of attacks which, luckily, failed.

"...there is no glossing over the fact that London is in the grip of an al Qaeda offensive and British security services have no real answers."

More analysis from Debka here:
But four more unusual features make this incident especially dangerous:

1. For the first time al Qaeda terrorists struck without concealment, in broad daylight, in a European city. They obviously found the new security measures London put in place after the July 7 attack permeable.

2. For the first time, al Qaeda carried out two consecutive attacks in the same city and selected the same targets. This means the terrorist organization has prepared several teams for a wave of attacks in London, and possibly other British cities.

3. Al Qaeda’s second strike points to British intelligence still groping in the dark and inability to predict what al Qaeda will do next. After unearthing the names of the first four bombers, the MI5 is at sea as to the identities and whereabouts of their controllers, organization and its senior plotters.

UPDATE #2 (7/22/05, 10:39am): As the investigation into the second wave of bombings in London intensifies, police have released the photos of the 4 men whom they claim were the perpetrators of the failed attacks. Simultaneously, police gunned down a terror suspect, believed to have "ties" to the bombings.

All this is happening while British politicians are left reeling from this latest series of coordinated terror attack attempts. It's absolutely amazing to me, after all Britain went through in the lead-up to WWII, that they are flirting with appeasement again, against these ghoulish killers. I mean, what will it take for the people of London to wake up! You've got "Red" Ken Livingstone, mayor of London, out there, literally blaming Western Oil Imperialism on the bombings while an ultra-radical scum-mullah LIVING IN LONDON is still openly calling for the overthrow of England, praising the latest bombings, and calling for a Muslim state. What insanity is this?

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Four small coordinated explosions hit London's transport network on Thursday, but caused no fatalities, exactly 2 weeks after bombers killed more than 50 people on underground trains and a bus in the capital.

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Bombers have again targeted London's transport system - with up to four explosions reported. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair said the devices were set off across the city "almost simultaneously".

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"Given that no deaths were caused despite several "incidents," I'm inclined to doubt this was an al Qaeda operation. We should know the details soon enough, however."

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"Fox is reporting no trace of chemical agents found. Police confirm explosions on three subways and a bus. There are reports that only the detonators exploded, not the bombs. A man was lead away from 10 Downing Street by police. University Hospital near Warren St. subway was in lockdown after a suspicious man wearing a sweatshirt with wires sticking from it was spotted."