Thursday, July 21, 2005


In an absolutely astounding turn-around today, a top U.S. border patrol official said they the Feds were exploring ways to have Minutemen-type groups work directly with the existing border patrol infrastructre! Amazing what organization and pressure can do. We need to keep pushing this issue! We are making a difference!

Rest of the story here
The top U.S. border enforcement official, in what would be a significant change in approach, said yesterday that he is exploring the idea of having civilian volunteers work with the Border Patrol.

"We value having eyes and ears of citizens, and I think that would be one of the things we are looking at is how you better organize, let's say, a citizen effort," Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Robert C. Bonner told The Associated Press.

UPDATE #1 (7/21/05, 12:31pm): JUST KIDDING! Now the Dept. of Homeland Security has come out and reversed the Border Patrol official: NO PLANS TO USE CIVILIAN VOLUNTEERS TO PATROL BORDER. Typical.