Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Ever been curious just to understand what the big deal about this whole 'scientology' thing is? Ever wonder what these wacked-out actors pay such big bucks for? Well, all has now been revealed (thanks to the internet)! Some of this stuff is weird. Other bits are down-right scary. Ready for the secrets of the scientologists? Click here...
No, this is not a joke.

Scientology teaches its devotees that much of the human condition can be attributed to an “incident” that began in outer space and ended on planet earth.


This great truth is revealed to church members when they reach the rank of OT-3 (Operating Thetan Level 3).

Tom Cruise is an OT-6.

Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is responsible for the origination of this sacred text.

Hubbard revealed that 75 million years ago an alien galactic ruler resolved an overpopulation problem by sending his excess subjects to earth on spaceships.

Billions of aliens thus came here, but they were paralyzed and stacked around the base of volcanoes.

Then H-bombs were lowered and detonated within the volcanoes, hence the exploding mountaintops often seen in Scientology promotions, a cryptic allusion to their once well kept secret that now is widely known through the Internet.

But these billions of alien souls called "thetans" still remain on earth clustered in groups. And Tom Cruise, along with other Scientologists, believes that every earthling is full of them.

These Body Thetans or BTs are also supposedly problematic little pests, which should be dealt with.

Think of Scientology as the ultimate "BT buster."

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