Monday, August 08, 2005


I'm happy that all 7 of those Russian submariners made it out alive. Also glad to see the technological superiority of the West firmly solidified with incredible "just in time" rescue by our British compatriots.

Now, news is coming out of Russia that the sub may actually have been stuck in a radar antenna line connected to a secret Russian naval base in that region!
The region is known for a mysterious naval base, at which a large number of strategic nuclear submarines of the Russian Pacific Navy are stationed. NATO refers to the base as the hornet's nest. The base is equipped with a secret system to detect foreign submarines. The cable, in which the mini-sub was blocked, was a part of one of the central antennas of the underwater radar system, the former commander of the Black Sea Navy, Admiral Eduard Baltin said.

The sailing of fishing boats is either prohibited or restricted in the area, where the radar system is based. It is therefore unclear, how the drag-net or a piece of fishing net could find themselves on the spot, where the AS-28 mini-submarine suffered an accident.

I wonder if our British friends were able to catch of glimpse of this "hornets nest"?