Monday, November 28, 2005


All you investment freaks out there listen up! Since it looks like the housing market is shot, now is the time to really start looking at Gold as the next "sure thing" investment. Gold is being forecast by many major investment funds to push the 4-digit barrier in anywhere from 12 - 48 months. Get in now while the getting is good. Many links below...
If it's gold you're after, Hathaway, who runs about $550 million in the Tocqueville Gold Fund and another $400 million in separate client accounts, is the man for you. Year in and year out, Hathaway has delivered glittering returns, outperforming the benchmark Philadelphia Exchange Gold and Silver Index at every step. This year his fund (ticker: TGLDX) is up 15.3%, compared with a gain of 14.84% in the index, even though the performance of gold stocks has lagged behind the appreciation of the metal. Focusing on what he considers to be undervalued gems with good growth potential has paid handsome dividends for Hathaway and his investors. If, as he believes, the price of the precious metal is heading toward four-digit territory, expect that streak to continue.

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