Wednesday, November 09, 2005


As the French Intifada enters its second week, some significant conclusions can begun to be drawn regarding the fallout from this unprecedented event. Analysis by Stratfor (via Steve Quayle):
“There is a potential threat here not only to the safety of Parisians, but to French society at large. The unrest among the French Muslims could be an opportunity for foreign militant groups to exploit the tension and possibly stage attacks inside France. A number of groups are known to have active networks in France, including Algerians, Chechens and some connected to the jihadist insurgency in Iraq.”

In our opinion, it’s not too far fetched a thought to consider this situation in France as one worth watching closely.

The conditions for a major uprising are in place:

1) Large amounts of resentment in a young Muslim population, whose role models are likely to include the likes of Osama bin Laden, and Al–Zarqawi.
2) A rather striking example of maldistributed wealth.
3) Catastrophic levels of unemployment, likely accompanied by equally high levels of despair and hopelessness.
4) And an excuse to let it all out has appeared.

In our opinion, the riots in Paris are likely to be the benchmark through which Western governments and jihadists take a measure of each other’s tactics, abilities, and potential strengths and weaknesses.

Yes, we are calling the Paris riots the first battle of what is likely to be the next round of the jihad, the transplantation of what goes on in the Gaza strip, to the streets of Europe. It may not come today, or tomorrow. Hopefully, it won’t come at all. But, this is at the very least, the test case of what’s a more likely outcome than anyone wants to publicly admit at this time.

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