Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Based on the "success" of the riots in France over the last couple of weeks, it is not outrageous to assume that Al Qaeda will learn that they can push EU governments much further than they have already. They may assume that momentum is on their side and that the timing for a full scale assault on European cities is right. What can we do to prevent these "riots" from hitting our shores? What activities and strategies from the islamist community can we watch out for? From the NorthEast Intelligence Network comes this piece detailing the "Seven Easy Steps to Jihad in America". Pray that its not too late...
8 November 2005: The incident at Meadowlands illustrates the efforts of Muslim fundamentalists to "retrain" the collective American mindset to get the general public to never question their motives or actions, whose primary objective is to change America as we know it and lower our guard against this objective, whether by terrorist attacks or more insidiously, through psychological means. The following "Seven Easy Steps to Jihad in America," serves to outline the former tactic:

1. Inject large numbers of Muslims into specific areas of the country.

2. Refuse to assimilate - Rejecting the culture, society & laws but demand that the locals respect (embrace) yours.

3. Refuse to integrate. Live only in designated areas (slums) in or near major cities and universities and make certain that wherever you go, you stand out as "different."

4. Whenever and wherever possible, claim discrimination at being treated "differently" and oppressed for being forced to live in slums.

5. When the time is right, sacrifice 1 or 2 youths to validate rage (as seen in France) and use your proclaimed "oppression" as an excuse for violence.

6. Blame the government, loudly criticizing any politicians, government leaders, individuals or groups who dare to speak out against you, declaring them "Islamaphobic" and demand their silence or removal.

7. Continue the above tactics until authority over a given area is offered as appeasement; then repeat the process elsewhere.