Friday, November 18, 2005


You hear lots and lots of 'chatter' from the left in this country about the coming of a BUSH INITIATED MARTIAL LAW. Funny thing is... you never hear those same folks screaming when MARTIAL LAW is actually implemented in other countries! China is the latest to "lock-down" one of their cities to try and prevent and outbreak of bird flu (or just contain it to those poor souls trapped there)...
Chinese authorities had locked down the village in eastern Anhui province where a 24-year-old pregnant woman died of bird flu last week, becoming the nation's first confirmed human fatality from the virus.

Several local officials in red arm bands were posted as sentries at the narrow dirt road entrance to Yantan, a small village of a few thousand residents in Zhoutan township where Zhou Maoya died on November 10.

UPDATE (11/21/05, 1:31am): New details are emerging from within China. While official tallies (ie government controlled) are putting the number of bird flu related deaths at 3 (in China), the real number is closer to 310! More details here:
Avian Flu Statistic Published by Boxun ( Statistic on Avian Flu, which is spreading in many parts of China, including the actual number of the infected and the dead, were published on Nov. 14 at, a China-related news site.

According to their expose, the number of fatalities in this year up to Nov 12, totals 310 from 13 different provinces, and the number of the quarantined people is 5,554 in total, contrary to the official announcement from Chinese authorities.