Wednesday, December 21, 2005


  • Military chaplains told to shy from Jesus
    To pray -- or not to pray -- in Jesus' name is the question plaguing an increasing number of U.S. military chaplains, one of whom began a multiday hunger strike outside the White House yesterday.
  • 1st Amendment 'doesn't create church-state wall of separation'
    A U.S. appeals court today upheld the decision of a lower court in allowing the inclusion of the Ten Commandments in a courthouse display, hammering the American Civil Liberties Union and declaring, "The First Amendment does not demand a wall of separatio
  • Stalin's half-man, half-ape super-warriors
    Moscow archives show that in the mid-1920s Russia's top animal breeding scientist, Ilya Ivanov, was ordered to turn his skills from horse and animal work to the quest for a super-warrior. According to Moscow newspapers, Stalin told the scientist: "I want
    Deep-cover Mossad agents in Iran have discovered the regime is rushing to complete the development of a giant missile. It has a range of 2,200 miles that would bring London and other European cities in range and a 1.2 ton nuclear payload that would leave
  • Islamic Army Of Iraq Posts Video Of Ronald Schulz Execution
    DEBKAfile is reporting that the Islamic Army of Iraq posted a video on the Internet claiming the execution of American security consultant Ronald Shulz who was abducted Dec. 8. The 8 second video shows gunmen shooting a kneeling blindfolded figure whose f
  • Report: Syria agrees to hide Iran nukes
    The London-based Jane's Defence Weekly reported that Iran and Syria signed a strategic accord meant to protect either country from international pressure regarding their weapons programs. The magazine, citing diplomatic sources, said Syria agreed to store
  • Have Islamists Begun Using Chemical Weapons?
    The Scotsman reports tonight that dozens of Chechnyans have been hospitalized in what looks like a nerve-gas attack in the region where Islamists have surpassed nationalists in a terror war against the ruling Russians. As in nearby Beslan, the attack took
  • Gene-Spliced Tobacco Produces Anthrax Vaccine
    ORLANDO, Florida - One acre of genetically engineered tobacco plants can produce enough anthrax vaccine to inoculate the entire U.S. population safely and inexpensively, a molecular biologist at the University of Central Florida said on Tuesday.
  • Britain will be first country to monitor every car journey
    Britain is to become the first country in the world where the movements of all vehicles on the roads are recorded. A new national surveillance system will hold the records for at least two years.
  • Arrests reveal Zarqawi network in Europe
    Some of the suspected networks appear to be involved only in supporting his operations in Iraq. But counter-terrorism officials are worried that Zarqawi could be planning to use his base in Iraq to start attacking Europe.
    A new robot can recognize the difference between a mirror image of itself and another robot that looks just like it. This so-called mirror image cognition is based on artificial nerve cell groups built into the robot's computer brain that give it the abil