Monday, December 26, 2005


Palestinians Prepare New, High-explosive Warheads for Qassam missiles
The Palestinians have smuggled in from Sinai to the Gaza Strip what military sources have told DEBKAfile’ is “a monstrous amount” of high explosives, to improve the precision and effectiveness of the Qassam missiles fired across the border against ...

The search for nukes in Washington, D.C.
The U.S. government has been monitoring radiation levels at more than 100 mosques, homes, businesses and other sites in and around the nation's capital and at least five other cities since Sept. 11, 2001, providing further evidence law enforcement ...

  • Buckley 'golf balls' may be ears for Bush spying
    The Buckley facility forms a key part of the Air Force Space Command, and one of its official duties is to detect rocket launches. Unofficially, it has been widely reported to be a vital arm of the National Security Agency, the department carrying out the

  • China recruiting U.S. IT grads
    China's rapid economic expansion has allowed Beijing to fund a recruitment drive targeting some of the best and brightest IT graduates from U.S. universities, according to Chinese sources. In turn, this brain trust is being used by China both as a control

    When cats cannot employ their visual memory they may be guided with the geomagnetic pattern on the Earth's surface. It is interesting that cats do not need to look at the road and keep the route in memory when they are taken away from home. A cat may easi

  • Sheik: 'America's nose will be rubbed in the mud'
    An al-Qaida sheik who escaped earlier this year from Bagram prison in Afghanistan vowed in a sermon posted online that "America's nose will be rubbed in the mud" and declared "Palestine is occupied by the offspring of apes and pigs."