Wednesday, December 07, 2005


The radical homosexual lobby was out in force yesterday, arguing that the military had no right to recruit on law school campuses - even though those schools get federal funding! These fork-tonged maggots are so twisted in their false logic that they actually see what they are doing as "protecting" students from the "big, bad homophobic" military. However, in actual fact, they are the ones who are acting in a DISCRIMINATORY way! Unfortunately, for these type of vermin, the only thing that matters is pushing the gay agenda forward. Everything else is secondary. No matter to them that we are in a time of war and need intelligent, bright-minded people going into the military in order to better protect our country. Nope. For them, forwarded the radical gay agenda is priority number 1. The ironic part of this is: it is only because the U.S. military exists in all its power and glory that they can even express their "lifestyle" openly. If the islamofascists have their way, all these guys would be executed. It just strikes me as insane, that these people are willing to tear down the very institution which has made it possible for them to have peace and freedom in this country. From CNN:
The Supreme Court demonstrated deep skepticism Tuesday that universities should be allowed to turn away military recruiters and still accept federal funds.

The issue came to the court's attention with a free-speech dispute over the Pentagon's controversial policy barring openly gay personnel. Each side claims it is being discriminated against by the other.