Friday, December 02, 2005


Was there a missle fired at a jet coming out of LAX last weekend? The good folks at Free Republic were trumpeting this over the weekend. Now it turns out the FBI is involved. What the hell is going on here? From FreeRepublic...
I heard on the radio this morning, that a pilot of a passenger jet departing LAX claimed to have narrowly avoided being hit by a missile. It was reported that the jet was about 6,000 feet in altitude & over the ocean when the event occurred. The news report further stated that authorities believe it was possibly a flare or a "bottle rocket."

I googled but found nothing. Anyone else have some info on this? I dont recall whether it was CBS or NBC radio news.

From KYW Newsradio...
FBI agents and Homeland Security officials spent the weekend investigating the report of a possible missile fired at an American Airlines plane taking off from Los Angeles International Airport.

Sources tell ABC News the pilot of American Airlines Flight 621, en route to Chicago, radioed air traffic controllers after takeoff from LAX. He told them a missile had been fired at the aircraft and missed.