Thursday, December 08, 2005


Boeing rolled out its version of a next-gen UAV today, called the X-45. This is to the old Predator UAV what the stealth was to a Spitfire! This thing looks mean and can be armed to the teeth. Truly the next-generation of warfare.
Boeing displayed its vision of the future of air warfare Tuesday, a batlike model of a small fighter craft that exudes silent menace.

Sitting in a parking lot inside Boeing's research complex across from the Museum of Flight, the craft has a 49-foot wingspan and measures 39 feet from nose tip to tail. Smart bombs hang down below the wings.

But it has no windows. And its profile is flat, four feet from top to bottom. At the front, where the cockpit should be, there's a gaping hole for engine air intake. The Boeing-designed X-45 is unmanned.

Maybe it can be flown by a rat brain!