Sunday, January 22, 2006


Oops. They. Did. It. Again. There goes the ACLU defending ANYONE but Christians....
Handsome knife isn’t it? Oh, it isn’t for show, and there is no bragging rights that my knife is bigger than yours going on here, this monster is a kirpan and is an “ornamental” decoration(?) that Sikh males are to wear as part of their religion. The problem is WHERE they wear it. Going to a religious service or whatever they call it is one thing, but when it is worn in public places that have clearly marked signs declaring no weapons, drugs, etc. are to carried on the premises is a totally different story.

THIS is ornamental? This can be compared to a Christian cross or a Star of David? Well let’s all sharpen those ornaments we wear and make them bigger, cause this is what religion in extreme is all about. Somebody please explain to me how a 10 inch dagger (curved no less for maximum lethal potential) can be ornamental? The ACLU thinks so, and found a judge whose wisdom is questionable at best to back them up. tags