Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Another step toward that North American Union the CFR / NWO ghouls are so fond of. If you love the U.S.A. and the Constitution, please read this and spread the word.
If you are a true American, the information that I will convey, should make your blood boil. The issue is quite convoluted, involving a number of players, and to fully envision the total impact of this legislation, please thoroughly read through the information below, then alert everyone you know and contact your Congressperson in opposition.

Why should you actively oppose this legislation?

It is unconstitutional.

It will destroy America as we know it by further internationalizing our laws, rules, and regulations.

By merging our "security" measures with Canada and Mexico, it will serve as a huge stepping stone to planned unification in all other areas with those two countries as a "North American Union."

Just as the European Union started out as a harmless "tariff free zone," this bill is intended to drive us into the arms of a similar union with Canada and Mexico, a union which will be even more removed from the wishes of the American people and even more foreign to our principles of freedom.

By opening our northern (Canada) and southern (Mexico) borders, it will actually allow terrorists easier access into the United States because of their ability to also easily enter our neighbors' countries.

It will mean yet another bureaucracy with even greater, expanded regulatory powers, which goes against our basic American concepts of freedom set forth in the Constitution.

It will mean more surveillance and controls over law-abiding, innocent citizens.

It will guarantee the loss of American laws and customs as we are submerged into a regional harmonization plan, the foundations for which have already been set in place with the passage of NAFTA, CAFTA, and the soon-to-appear FTAA legislation.

For more background on this legislation, please take the time to read thru these links...

The North American Security Cooperative Act is touted as a bill to protect the American public from terrorists by creating the North American Union. The North American Union consists of three countries, U.S., Canada, and Mexico, with open borders, something that is proposed to be in effect by 2010. Thus, it would ensure the fulfillment of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.

Read the CFR's own publication about the importance of a "united North American security front":

An excellent article by Steven Yates, "Erasing America" details the plans of the Council on Foreign Affairs and their documented plan -Building a North American Community.

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