Saturday, January 28, 2006


I've been screaming this for a while... although this Sploid piece is a bit tongue-in-cheek, they do provide excellent evidence for Fox's rapid shift to the left after the 2004 election...
From Bill O'Reilly's pinko lies about global warming to Shepard Smith's lovefest with poor blacks in New Orleans, hardcore conservatives see growing evidence that their beloved Fox News has become just another America-bashing part of the mainstream media.

Conservative fanatics are hopping mad -- and many have already abandoned the former flag-waving news channel.

Broken-hearted Bushbots were first stunned over renegade reporter Shepard Smith's angry and unscripted coverage from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit.

In complaining about people starving and dropping dead, conservatives say Smith was disrespectful to the president, FEMA and white cops who fired rifles at blacks trying to escape the flood.

Next, Fox News broadcast a "global warming" news special that infuriated loyal viewers because it implied that humans may be partially responsible for climate change. The show even allowed eco-lunatic Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. a Kennedy! to spread his liberal tree-worshiping nonsense.

And in December, it was revealed that a billionaire Saudi prince was able to tame Fox News' coverage of the Muslim youth riots in France ... simply by calling Fox boss Rupert Murdoch, a personal friend of the Muslim.

In recent weeks, strict conservatives have even watched the beloved little waving flag in the corner seemingly transform into the rainbow banner of the homosexuals. According to Accuracy in Media, the program "Fox News Watch" allowed dangerous queer propaganda to go unchallenged.

"No one has even mentioned the spate of ex-CNN reporters, such as Bill Hemmer, coming to FOX ... and he certainly is NOT fair and balanced," an anonymous flag-waver wrote to Accuracy in Media. "He has the Washington Post and NY Times people on more than any other sources. Wesley Clark? Conservative? I don't think so! No one to rebut him either. What has happened to Shepard Smith? Apparently he has been in NYC too long ... and New Orleans! It has gotten to him, I think. Oh well, it was too good to last."

Another disgruntled viewer wrote: "I had to give up on Fox News about six months ago. The morning show stopped doing news, the obsession with President Bush's poll numbers over the last year. Just a continued spiral down the drain.

And yet another: "I have abandoned Fox News the same way they have left the conservatives." tags