Monday, January 30, 2006


More absurd propaganda from the relentless machine I like to call the NWO (new world order). Now credit card companies are directly marketing cards to kids. The idea (of course) is to condition our kids to equate 'credit' and 'money' until they become jumbled into some corporate controlled slavery system which they want us to buy into... Expose the beast now!
Mastercard is to introduce credit cards directly aimed at children, encouraging them to go into debt and consume products without the use of cash.

Supporters regard the cards, which are issued by Bluecorner, as the natural step in an increasingly cashless society. They argue that the prepayment cards will familiarise children with plastic without spending too much. Says the London Times.

The cards are designed to get children used to the fact that cash is obsolete and their money, and the amount they are allowed to spend is controlled by someone else who also profits from their spending. tags