Thursday, February 23, 2006


The military, under the control of Donald Rumsfeld and his Office of Force Transformation, are beginning to roll out some of the most advanced weapons and force multipliers this world has ever seen. Put this one at the top of the heap:
The M80 Stiletto Experimental Vessel was launched this week offering a sneak peak at the next generation of military vessels.


The Stiletto is an operational experiment ... and its revolutionary carbon fibre structure and hull enable it to operate in shallow water, with 50 knot speeds, stability and great stealth as part of its armoury. Costing US$12.5 million to develop and build, the 88ft vessel is capable of carrying 37 tonnes at speed over a range of 500 nautical miles. The patented M-hull design transitions automatically and efficiently through hydrostatic, hydrodynamic and aerostatic lift modes with increasing speeds effectively creating a cushion of air and providing a comfortable high speed ride with great stability, and has enormous promise for a wide range of nautical applications for boats from 8 through 200 feet.

Check out some of the awesome concept vehicles being worked on based on this design: tags