Monday, February 06, 2006


Over the weekend, the IAEA finally grew a pair and decided to refer Iran to the UN Security Council over its continued pursuit of nuclear 'power' (aka weapons). The madman in charge of Iran immediate announced full-scale enrichment to commence and quickly ordered the removal all IAEA monitoring camera's from known nuke facilities. Today, fearing a growing insurgency at home, Iran also ordered the banning of all Western television broadcasts which, he claims, promote democracy. On the military side, Iran also appears ready to respond to any attack and has the capability to do so through the use of long-range missles and terrorist cells...

While the referral to the UN Security Council appeared to be a good victory for Western diplomacy, it may, in fact, turn out to be Israel's worst nightmare. According to Debka, in order to secure the necessary votes for referral, the US capitulated to an Egyptian request to include the following text in the referral:
The resolution recognized “that a solution to the Iranian issue would contribute to global nonproliferation efforts and… the objective of a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction, including their means of delivery.”

What does this mean for Israel?
This linkage between Iran’s violations of its commitments under international treaty and the Israeli case has long been demanded by the Arab states and opposed by Washington. Its acceptance now opens the way for the integration of the same linkage in the Security Council debate on Iran. It provides a pretext for a whole new set of maneuvers and dilatory tactics by Tehran.

In short, we are moving toward a very critical phase of this geopolitical dance. It may be later in the game than any of us could have predicted... tags