Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Iran is now beginning to publically leak the real status of their nuclear program. According to some official there, they have now acheived "nuclear fission"... Don't forget, Porter Goss was in Turkey in December telling the intel officials there that IRAN ALREADY HAD NUKES!
"Iran is Capable of Conducting a Fission Reaction" Iranian Supreme National Security Council Secretary-General Ali Larijani

In what appears to be the first acknowledgement by any high-ranking Iranian official that Iran has attained nuclear fission production capability, Iranian Supreme National Security Council Secretary-General Ali Larijani, who is in charge of Iran's nuclear talks, said on Monday, February 6, 2006 that Iran had attained nuclear fission production capability.

Speaking in Persian, Larijani answered "Yes" to a reporter's question, "Have Iran's nuclear scientists attained nuclear fission [production] capability?"(1) However, in the English-language report on his statement in the Tehran Times, the paper added the word "controlled," which did not exist in his statement in Persian.(2)

These reports may suggest that Iran has moved another step towards attaining indigenous nuclear fuel cycle capability. Yet it was not clear whether Tehran Times and Sharq were referring to a capability – which could imply that Iran possesses either highly enriched uranium or plutonium for military purposes, thus violating the NPT - or to a result of a chain reaction typical of activity in the operation of a controlled civilian or research nuclear reactor. It should be underlined that there is no operational civilian reactor in Iran today; therefore, this would most likely be achieved in a research reactor. tags