Friday, February 17, 2006


These type of sick bastards are always looking for ways to devalue human life. Of course, their argument is analagous to the issue of drug legalization. They argue that since there already is a huge black market for organs, legalizing it would be a way to "regulate" this "industry". Give me a break. Drugs aren't legal even though there is a huge black market! Why? Because our society has set limits on what is acceptable behavior and what is not. How 'bout kiddie porn? That isn't legal even though I'm sure there are tons of pervs out there, trading that crap on the black market.

Let's don't go down this road... China is already selling lotions to women worldwide made up of ground up political prisoners. Stop this insanity before it consumes us all...
"Although illegal in most nations, and viewed as unethical by professional medical organisations, the voluntary sale of purchased donor kidneys now accounts for thousands of black market transplants."

The doctors suggested a figure of about £23,000 for a kidney, with an agency being set up to regulate the market.

But Dr Michael Wilks, chairman of the British Medical Association's ethics committee, said there was universal opinion against selling organs.

"It is exploitative, particularly for the third world, if you had an unfettered global market, and what is more it is not necessary.

"If we had more investment in transplantation services and intensive care and changed the law so we had presumed consent we could meet need."

Modern day Frankensteins... Shun these men before we have a global industry based on human organs.