Monday, February 27, 2006


As we enter the third week of outrage over port-gate, it is clear that the vast majority of Americans simply think this is a bad deal for U.S. Security. Still the administration continues to trot out its odd cast of characters which seem to support the deal. From Jimmy Carter to Arnold Schwarzenegger, the administration is showing its true, internationalist colors with this deal.

Even worse, it was revealed over the weekend, that while our own homeland security department worried about the port deal as a potential threat, Al-Qaeda already said they had infiltrated the UAE's governement. How can we honestly go through with such a deal knowing this? In addition, this deal just seems to get worse. Now it appears that the deal is much larger than the 6 ports originally reported...possibly extending up to 21 ports in all!

Lucky for all of us, the deal is now on hold pending a 45 day "review". Hopefully this isn't just a ploy to wait for all the negative publicity surrounding this volitile issue to die down, and then sneak it past in the middle of night. I hope that we (liberal and conservative) all have created such an uproar that the deal will just simply wither away and die...