Friday, February 03, 2006


Increased chatter about an attack at the Superbowl this weekend has now reached a tipping point. From reports earlier this week, to info today saying the security for this years event will be sub-par, I would be prepared for everything and anything to happen this Sunday.

The rumor of all rumors about an attack this weekend is here. Let's all pray this is just a rumor...
"Superbowl Steve" provided additional details concerning the upcoming bombing of this Sunday's grand game. The information, if true, is astounding. A suitcase nuke is to be brought in just prior to half-time. It is to be hidden in a prop which may or not be used in the Rolling Stones' show. Perhaps it will even be in a Statue of Liberty.

Most importantly the device will be around 7 to 14 feet above the ground when entering the stadium so that it cannot be checked, and that it will be placed above the ground when it explodes so that the air will be sucked up for maximum damage.

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