Thursday, February 02, 2006


Although various intel agencies from the around the world are reporting that Iran is anywhere from a few months to a few years from attaining a nuclear weapon, they may also be following a 2-track solution. In addition to building up their own nuclear capability, analysts are increasingly worried that Iran will actually purchase a nuke warhead from North Korea to attach to their existing medium range missle systems. This would obviously speed up the timetable for any action against Iran.

What to do, what to do. I have been saying for months, the only way to effectively "take out" the Iran nuclear threat is to do so with post-nuclear super weapons and sabotage. What does this mean? Take your pick: EMP blast, manufactured earthquake, microwave attack, etc.
While the U.S. and E.U. nations are scrambling to convince Iran to abandon its program of uranium enrichment and debating bringing the Islamic Republic before the U.N. Security Council, Tehran may be in the process of directly purchasing the plutonium it needs to make a bomb from North Korea, intelligence sources say.

As WorldNetDaily reported, North Korea made 30 pounds of plutonium last summer – during the six-party talks hosted by China to end their weapons program – by reprocessing 8,000 nuclear fuel rods. Beijing is currently working to restart a reactor capable of producing enough plutonium to manufacture 10 atomic bombs a year.

For the first time since the nuclear crisis began in 1994, reports the London Times, North Korea has sufficient fissile material to sell some to its ally while retaining enough for its own purposes. Recent reports of Iran offering North Korea oil for nuclear technology has U.S. intelligence experts concerned that a deal is being put together by the two nations for the "surplus" plutonium.