Tuesday, February 21, 2006


The U.S. is continuing its efforts to line up countries to support an upcoming attack on Iran. Back in December, Porter Goss traveled to Turkey to get their approval to use air bases as a staging ground for a massive air assault against Tehran. Now, it is being reported that U.S. has also asked for Georgia's support in any upcoming attack. With Kuwait, Turkey, Georgia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, the U.S. is almost perfectly positioned for future action against the mad mullahs of Iran. Looks like an attack by April may be possible after all. Especially if Iran plans to test fire a nuke by that time...
American officials are probing whether Georgia, situated just northwest of Iran, will allow Washington to use its military bases and airfields in the event of a military conflict with Teheran, The Jerusalem Post reported Monday citing an unnamed Georgian official.

The Americans have been putting out feelers, the source, a high-ranking Georgian government foreign affairs official said, in advance of a possible military strike to prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons capability.

American reports in recent months, speculating about the possibility of a campaign against Iran because of the failure of diplomatic efforts to thwart a potential nuclear weapons program, have suggested that sustained military action, rather than a single strike, may be required given the number of Iranian nuclear facilities, their divergent locations and Iranian defenses.