Tuesday, March 28, 2006


...at least, according to Interpol.  This is scary, but nothing we haven't heard before.  We are obviously being prepared for a mass casualty attack.  The powers that be are giving out every warning imaginable.  Be prepared when it happens.  Don't wait until then to stock up on survival supplies...Remember: When not if...
Ronald Noble, secretary-general of the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol), told a conference here that captured terrorist suspects have admitted that their groups are plotting potential biological attacks.

There is enough evidence to show that Al Qaeda was preparing to engage in biological warfare, Noble said.

'It can't be that we as a world community have to wait for a Sep 11 type of attack in bio-terrorism before we prepare,' Noble told government officials, police and health experts attending the Asian Terrorism Workshop.

'Institutions that are engaged in any bioscience need to make sure that the controls they have in place are sure that only legitimate scientific investigative activity is going on,' he said.

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