Monday, March 20, 2006


WND absolutely nails this... The ports deal completely pales in comparison to this. We (the U.S. taxpayer) are actually funding nuke development on Chinese soil. Have we completely lost this country to the internationalists? Has "the bottom line" become God almighty for ALL of our politicians? Will no one stand up for America's best interests?
Here's one that tops the Dubai Ports World deal – but, so far, no one is complaining.

U.S. taxpayers are lending Westinghouse Electric Co. almost $5 billion to build nuclear power plants in China – even though the company, based in Pennsylvania, is about to be sold to Japan's Toshiba Corp., and even though the company is currently owned by British Nuclear Fuels Ltd.

And, so far, no one in the U.S. government is showing any interest in scrutinizing the sale over the transfer of nuclear-power technology – or in halting the loan from the Export-Import Bank.

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