Thursday, March 23, 2006


Confirmation that the Pentagon is actively funding paranormal research into all sorts of unique intel gathering techniques including: remote viewing, psychic warfare, and more...
Rumors are one thing. Confirmation from a highly placed advisor to the U.S. government should be a different kettle of fish, altogether. Part two of this particular 'fish-story' lends at least some credence to rumors of continued government interest in accessing paranormal paraphysical phenomena in the guise of advanced technology.

Shortly after Starstream Research uncovered files that America's psychic intelligence agents had remote viewed information warning of the rise of Usama bin Ladin and the devastating attacks of September 11, 2001, we inquired about on-going interest in the use of paranormal phenomena by the Defense Intelligence Agency.

In the past few months we have received additional confirmation that anomalous mental and paraphysical phenomena continue to elicit high interest in high places. A highly placed source, who has asked to remain anonymous, has confirmed that the strange events investigated by Las Vegas businessman Bob Bigelow's National Institute of Discovery Sciences have been the subject of discussion at DIA sponsored meetings on the threats of emerging technologies.

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