Thursday, March 16, 2006

Degenerating America: X-Rated books pushed on Kids by High Schools

Utterly sick. These bastards will stop at nothing to destroy our society and corrupt our kids. What happened to the classics? Now, even in school, kids are bombarded with overtly sexual propaganda...
Parents across the nation are taking action against both school districts and libraries that feature books, some of them required reading, that include sexual issues and obscenity many believe are inappropriate for school children.

In Overland Park, Kan., parents have organized to protest the inclusion of obscene books on children's assigned reading lists in the Blue Valley School District. The parents took action after a few of them researched the books kids were being asked to read.

"[My son] is a 14-year-old freshman boy, and [the book] had references to oral sex and homosexuality. I thought it was a mistake!" Janet Harmon, one of the Blue Valley parents, told activist group Concerned Women for America. tags