Friday, March 17, 2006


Good read. The article says it all. The U.N. had had enough of Milosevic and wanted him silenced. These cowards murdered him. The re-write of history will now be complete. The U.N. elite-socialists can frame this "war" however they want now...
First we were told Milosevic died of natural causes.

Then we were told Milosevic committed suicide.

Then we were told Milosevic's body contained drugs that counteracted the effect of his regular heart drugs.

Then we were told, under 24 hour armed guard and camera surveillance, that these drugs were smuggled into Milosevic's prison cell and he had deliberately taken them to escape to Moscow for treatment.

Now we are told that Milosevic's body, "found no evidence of poison or medicines in concentrations that could have killed him, the U.N. war crimes tribunal said Friday."

This is a cover-up and a pathetic one at that. tags