Thursday, March 30, 2006


Will the "protests" we have seen over the past week be a catalyst for the return of "internment"?  That's the question being asked in this article out of infowars.  I have truly been so sickened by this whole 'protest' thing, it is hard to keep up hope that someday we will return to the America of yesteryear.  The Republicans, whom I did support in the last 2 elections, have completely sold out to the global elites.  That is for certain.. .and they were my last hope (the dems turned way too socialist for my taste long ago).  So, where is a conservative like myself to turn?  Who can help us save our beloved country from the invading hordes of illegals?

Of course, we all know where this is heading.  The elites want one thing: one world government.  To get to that point, there are many intermediate steps.  Dissolution of nation-states and the sense of countries is one of those steps.  You already see this in Europe with the european union.  How long before the North American Union (Canada + US + Mexico) comes to fruition?  Not long if we continue down this path.  Now that the borders are de facto open doors, with millions of illegals streaming through them every year, how long before the US begins to look exactly like Mexico?  And how long after that will our dear politicians decide that, "for the sake of global trade", the absolute elimination of our borders will be "in the countries best interest"?

Race Riots Could Lead to Camps For Americans and Illegals
The catalyst for the agenda to intern millions of Americans deemed subversive in a time of manufactured chaos could be race riots kick-started by radicalized Mexican Klan groups and their establishment controllers.

Yesterday we reported on the immigration protests that are a front for the violent separatist Atzlan movement. After watching Spanish TV news stations we were able to ascertain that the marches were not wholly an organic response to the introduction of the immigration bill but were being artificially promoted and organized by the Spanish-language media.

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