Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Watch this relationship closely and observe how, slowly, but surely, the Russians and Chinese are becoming closer and closer in their defiance of the West.  How long before we must confront this new hybrid beast?
Vladimir Putin's trip to Beijing Tuesday for the opening ceremony of the "Year of Russia in China" is a key evolution in the geopolitical economy America faces. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union 15 years ago, neither Russia nor China by itself could effectively compete with the United States.

Besides its military and economic might, the soft power projection of U.S. culture, and a widespread perception abroad as a force for good, made America a Teflon-coated colossus.

The alliance began when presidents Jiang Zemin and Boris Yeltsin, leaders of unsavory regimes trying to keep respective lids on domestic discontent, ran scared into each others' arms and forged a "strategic partnership of cooperation" in 1996 as a form of mutual support.

The momentum of ex-empires looking for ways to maintain control over restive territories hearkens back to China's Qing and Russia's Romanov dynasties when the two first met in the 17th century.

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