Friday, March 24, 2006


How can this be?  Sharon's legacy will be utterly destroyed should such a plan go through.  A division of Jerusalem will be exactly what the Palestinians need to ESCALATE their intifada.  There is no peace with these thugs.  Whatever is given will just fuel their appetite for more.  They won't be satisfied until Israel is completely dismantled and every Jew is dead.  Why give in to any more of their "demands"?  The only these bums truly understand is power.  Israel has the power to wipe them off the map - but no will to do so.  The Palestinians have no power - but ALL the will to destroy Israel.  Which do you think will prevail in the long run?

If Israel doesn't get its act together and start acting like a country with some tenacity for LIFE, they will be doomed...
Just five days before national elections here, acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Kadima party revealed yesterday it would divide Jerusalem and allow a Palestinian state to be established in parts of Israel's "eternal capital."

The revelation follows months of denials by top Kadima officials that the party would advocate withdrawing from Jerusalem.

"The Old City, Mount Scopus, the Mount of Olives, the City of David, Sheikh Jarra will remain in our hands, but [regarding] Kafr Akeb, Abu-Ram, Shuafat, Hizma, Abu-Zaim, Abu-Tur, Abu Dis, in the future, when the Palestinian state is established, they will become its capital," said Otniel Schneller, a Kadima member who represented the party at a debate yesterday on dividing Jerusalem.

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