Wednesday, April 05, 2006


According to Arnaud De Borchgrave, the Bush plan to take out Iran's nuclear program doesn't involve a mass ground invasion and, in fact, will only risk 4 American lives. The plan? Bomb the 17 identified Iranian nuclear sites with 2 B-52's (with 2 pilots each).
A prominent "neocon," still in good odor at the White House and OSD (Office of the Secretary of Defense), speaking privately, assured us that by the time president Bush leaves office in January 2009, Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions would be history.

Assuming tough sanctions -- draconian or otherwise -- don't bring Iran's mullahs to heel, we inquired, trying not to sound too wimpish, what would be Mr. Bush's next step?

"B-2s," this prominent armchair strategist replied. "Two of them could do the job in a single strike against multiple targets." With a crew of two per bomber, only four American lives would be at risk, an all-time record in the history of warfare.

Sound too simple? Sound to arrogant? I know... I hope this source is utterly wrong on this. But they sound convinced...
Neocons are unfazed by the fact that Iran is an ancient civilization of 70 million people with retaliatory assets that range from a choke-hold on the world's most important oil route in the Strait of Hormuz, to an anti-U.S. Shiite coalition in Iraq with two private militias, funded and armed by Iran, to terrorist groups throughout the Middle East that have a global reach.

2-52's may be able to take out known sites, but what about the unknown sites? Are we so sure that our intel has gotten that much better over the past 4 years that we are absolutely convinced that these sites are all there are? C'mon guys. This is blatant arrogance. I truly hope this is crotch-grabbing, braggadocio is meant for Mullah consumption and not actual policy. We would only be inviting massive, sustained retaliatory action from Iran and rest of the radical Islamic world. No. If you want to take out Iran, you must take them ALL the way out. Get rid of this scourge to the world, and ring in the next 1000 years of light...

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