Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Punk thug leader, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, over the weekend, began seizing foreign run oil fields in Venezuela.  What does this mean?  This socialist bastard is fully aligned with Iran against the U.S.  They are obviously readying an 21st Century oil embargo should the U.S. or western powers decide to attack Iran.  This is dangerous stuff.  I've said it before.... the only "clean" way to take out Iran is either via sabotage or with post-nuclear super weapons (which may already be coverty deployed).  It's time to bring these devices out of the closet and reclaim our rightful place as lone super power of the world...

From the telegraph...
Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez yesterday seized control of a French-run oil field, strengthening his control of the country's vast oil wealth, the lifeblood of his "Bolivarian Revolution".

Total SA confirmed from its Paris headquarters that the state oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela SA, "took control of our operations" during the weekend after it refused to turn the site over to a state-run joint venture.

Mr Chavez has decided to redefine the terms under which foreign companies can operate in Venezuela, which has the largest oil reserves outside of the Middle East.

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