Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Sounds a bit far fetched as far as I am concerned, but, if anything, this is an outrageous security threat that our UK friends need to address ASAP...
A British political party claims to be in contact with a source, likely to be a police officer, who claims that the night before the 7/7 London Underground bombings, a team of terrorists with a fifth bomb was caught trying to bomb the River Thames and flood the underground, killing tens of thousands of people.


The source claims that by a fortunate accident uniformed officers stopped the terror gang for an unrelated issue before discovering evidence that they were obviously intent on committing an atrocity centered around flooding the London Underground. Within minutes notifying superiors, Special Branch police and MI5 officers descended on the scene to take over the investigation. The uniformed police were ordered to tell no one of the incident.

Subsequent attempts on the part of uniformed officers to follow up and discover what happened to the apprehended would-be terrorists were met with silence. The perpetrators apparently vanished without a trace.

The story speculates that a high powered explosive, if detonated as close as possible to the tunnel roof beneath the Thames River, would have resulted in torrents of water flooding the entire underground network and drowning tens of thousands of morning commuters as well as crippling London's transport and economic infrastructure as a consequence.

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