Monday, May 15, 2006


So, Bush is planning a big speech tonight on border security. Big whoop. This man has proven over and over again to us conservatives, that he really doesn't care about securing the border. What he cares about is turning the U.S., Canada, and Mexico into a, sort of, American Union (ala the EU). To do it, he is willing to have this country be overrun by illegals from Mexico, so that the countries are, de facto, combined. This man, who claims to be "conservative", has moved so far to the left since his re-election, my head is spinning. He is selling us out to the global elites, pure and simple. And now, tonight. What? Am I supposed to be impressed that he is putting a small number of national guard on the border? It's already come out that their presence there will be temporary (so he doesn't offend his "friend" Vicente Fox). So, what is it? It's just a blatant attempt to keep his "base" thinking that he actually cares about securing the border, while he works in parallel to pass his idiotic "guest-worker program" (read: AMNESTY). This guy is turning into a joke. Will no one in our government step up and fight to keep this country sovereign? Maybe I should just go buy a sombrero and a prayer rug and get it over with now....

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