Thursday, May 04, 2006


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Where are the human rights groups? Why does Red Communist China seem to get a pass on these types of human atrocities? I guess we'll do business with anyone, so long as they keep buying our dollars to prop up our current borrow-and-spend economy...
China's 30 years of brutal, forced abortion to implement its one-child policy and its subsequent devaluing of human life has led has led to a new atrocity. A Chinese military doctor has revealed that he has personally encountered falsified documents for over 60,000 detainees – many of them members of the Falun Gong religion – which falsely claim that the individual named is voluntarily donating an organ.

He described the procedure used on the detainees: they are brought in to a military facility for what they are told is a routine exam, given local anaesthetic, and then the doctor removes the organ – sometimes even a heart – while the prisoner is still conscious. Those who survive the process are later cremated alive.

“One thing worth noting is that during the entire process of an organ transplant, if the transplant is not successful, the documents on the organ source and the body must be destroyed within 72 hours,” testified the unnamed doctor, who is now elderly. “All of the documents and the body (sometimes even a live person) must be cremated and the cremation certified by military management personnel. These military personnel have the right to arrest, detain, or execute any doctors, police, paramilitary police, or research staff who leak the secret to the outside.”

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