Monday, May 01, 2006


Is nothing sacred?
Not only the Muslim world means to steal Jerusalem from the Jews, but one of the planet’s most militant movements also has the ancient Holy City in its sights.

In August this year, hundreds of thousands of men and women who practice perverse sexual lifestyles plan to descend on Jerusalem for a week of wickedness.

Not content with morally polluting cities “from San Francisco to Montreal to Sydney to Berlin,” the movement whose members insist they have the right to flaunt their behavior in the face of the rest of the world want to notch up a victory in the capital of Israel.

Having successfully conquered Jerusalem, these people clearly hope to ensure that no other city on earth will be able to withstand their assault.

The aim of these homosexuals – who in 2000 purposely held their first international event in Rome in order, according to them, to have it on “the Pope’s doorstep” – is to confront and defy the teachings and followers of Judeo-Christian faith.

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