Monday, May 08, 2006


Unbelieveable! If true, we could do nothing to stop a human al-qaeda "bird-flu bomb" from crossing the wide-open Mexico border and infecting millions of Americans...Remember, I first wrote about this threat way back in November of 2005, when Canadian intelligence announced the possibility of al-qaeda using bird flu as a weapon....
The pariah state of North Korea is trying to weaponize the bird flu virus, making it the ideal threat for al-Qaida, the British intelligence agency MI6 has learned.

The Bush administration has given briefings classified "Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information" to members of Congress and the Senate on the threat.

In aerosol form it would be undetectable at all border crossings and virologists at Porton Down – Britain's research center responsible for developing antidotes against biological attacks – fear that a genetically engineered version of the virus would be far more lethal than any current threat from the virus.

World ranking experts have said that it would be "the greatest threat al-Qaida could unleash."

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