Friday, May 05, 2006


Thanks to Doug Hagmann over at the NE Intel Network for breaking this story....It seems that followers of Islam now have their very own social networking site, away from us dreaded infidels... Unfortunately, looks like the site is already being overrun with Jihadists bent on using this new form of connectivity to further their recruitment of suicidal Islamic maniacs...
Created similar to the socially interactive web site, a popular site that offers its members a way to communicate without leaving the comfort zone of their own homes, there is now a similar web site where the followers of Islam have cornered their own space on the Internet. is described as a site where Muslims, or anyone (including non-Muslims) can interact in a “positive and clean atmosphere” and without the “corrupted content and racist members who constantly attack Muslims and Islam.” Although non-Muslims may become members, anyone wanting to sign-up, including non-Muslims, must first swear by Allah “to adhere to the rules of Islamic Shariah”...


Licensed investigators from the Northeast Intelligence Network, including one senior investigator trained and certified in Internet Profiling, found a number of inconsistencies between El-Fatatry’s assertions and the reality of For instance, El Fatatry claims that his site is “carefully monitored,” and while the “terms and conditions” state that: “ is a friendly community that does not tolerate any type of hateful, aggressive, violent, hostile, or otherwise irritating behavior between its members,” such conduct was found to be blatantly evident and unchecked in the most preliminary of inspections.

One member who calls himself “aka47” sports a photograph of Osama bin Laden in his photo gallery and has, as his avatar, a silhouette of a terrorist holding an automatic rifle in front of a fiery scene. One of the groups he belongs to is “United Muslims against Kufr,” which is a group that has an al Qaeda flag as its promotional image and espouses hatred against non-Muslims.

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