Tuesday, May 30, 2006



This story is just strange. I guess there are lots of stories of "untouched civilizations" being discovered in South America, but I have never heard of this happening lately in the Middle East....
MP from Jiroft, Ali Zadsar here Wednesday said that a village whose residents are cavemen has been discovered at the heights of the city of Jiroft near Anbarabad in the southeastern province of Kerman.

Speaking on the sidelines of Majlis open session, he said that a village was discovered 120 kms from the town of Anbarabad in the winter of 2005.

He added that the residents of the newly-discovered village put on no clothes and feed on leaves.

Zadsar said, "The village, called Pid-Nekoupieh, is situated in the mountain and the 200 people who live there have never left their residence."

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