Friday, June 16, 2006


This idea seems to spring up every five years or so. Don't let 'em fool you. This is exactly what the internationalists want to create a New World Order. First, they'll bring up the idea and say that they're against it.... just to get it into the public sphere. Then, a few years later, they'll have a debate about it, with the "pro" side losing badly. Next, a few years pass, and the idea is brought up again, but this time its a bit more well received, but still rejected. This conditioning process continues until some "event" "necesitates" the creation of such a force. We are already far down this path with this idea of a UN army. But don't be fooled, once such a force is created, national soverignty as we know it will be completely destroyed...
Crisis management experts are calling for the creation of a "United Nations army” – an international rapid reaction force that could be deployed within 48 hours to intervene in emergency situations around the globe.

Composed of up to 15,000 military, police and civilian staff, including medics, the proposed force would be recruited from professionals hired by the U.N. from many countries, and based at designated U.N. sites.

Its actions would be authorized by the U.N. Security Council, according to the Toronto Star.


The idea of a U.N. emergency force was first given serious thought in 1994, in the aftermath of the Rwanda genocide. But at that time, the U.S. was concerned that the force would become an out-of-control "U.N. army," and developing countries felt threatened by what they feared could be an interventionist force directed by the West.


"If there weren't reluctance on the part of countries to contribute in the past, it might have taken root by now."

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