Tuesday, June 06, 2006



Can someone tell me what the hell we are doing here? Wasn't Bush supposed to be the outlaw sheriff, standing up to the Islamic hordes threatening our world? I give him credit. While every other leader ducked and danced around 9/11, he stood up and fought. We fought. But now this? Why is Bush going all Madeline Albright on us? Has he lost his nerve? I know. I know. All the knee-jerk conservatives will try to say that this a "strategic, diplomatic dance"... and he's gonna "turn the tables" on the Iranians with this type of move.... BS!

Look at North Korea. We gave 'em incentives. We gave 'em nuke tech. They took it and continued development of their own nuke program. Now they have nuclear weapons. Why would this strategy work here?

No, this Albright-esque move is a lose-lose. If they take the offer (which they won't) we lose, because, we will provide them nuclear technology, and they will continue their own nuke program in secret. If they don't take it, they still pursue their own nuke program, and they can use this offer as propaganda to show just how weak we are.

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