Monday, August 28, 2006


Interesting little piece of audio here. A private radio club member, monitoring and recording transmissions from a space shuttle mission in 1989 picked up this little tidbit from an astronaut to mission-control: "Houston this is Discovery, we still have the Alien spacecraft under observance." Interesting to say the least. Was this a mistake on the part of the astronaut, or just a "joke" as NASA insists? Listen for yourself here. Original story:
On March 13th, 1989, Donald Ratsch (an American member of a radio club that monitors all of NASA's space travel transmissions) was recording communications from the shuttle Discovery. He picked the right time to record, because he got this astronaut transmission: "Houston this is Discovery, we still have the Alien spacecraft under observance."

At first NASA denied everything, when they realised they couldn't deny an actual recording, they acknowledged it was real - but said it was a joke. Anyone who's heard the recording will no doubt attest that the astronaut did not seem to be in a funny mood. A transmission heard but not recorded by an amateur radio operator in Ohio just before the 'spacecraft under observance' message is alleged to have been an astronaut telling NASA that "We have a fire". 'Fire', it's widely assumed, was a code word for UFO. Yet another radio operator claims to have then heard NASA tell the shuttle to switch to another frequency.

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